School News

NH College and University Council celebrates 50 years

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 Carol Robidoux 0
It started as a way to share ideas and resources to stretch limited funds and protect quality in New Hampshire’s higher education system. Fifty years later, the New Hampshire College and University Council celebrates a milestone marked by cooperation, collaboration and shared ideas between the 26 schools which make up the NHCUC. READ MORE
Heroin Crisis in Manchester

Manchester Community Health Center to receive share of $1M federal grant to expand addiction services

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 Carol Robidoux 0
The grant to expand medication-assisted treatment will go to Manchester Community Health Center and Harbor Homes Harborcare Health and Wellness Center to expand their provision of medication-assisted treatment services and partner with local substance use disorder and recovery support providers to provide patients access to care planning, coordination, and delivery of care. READ MORE
Police & Fire

AG hoping for tipster, confession: Time a ‘double-edged sword’ in 1-year-old Denise Robert murder case

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 Carol Robidoux 0
“I can’t tell you if this was a random act, but I can say there is at least one – if not more than one – person out there who knows what happened. We are looking for them to come forward. For whatever reason they have held back, perhaps now they have the strength and ability to come forward. That is what we hope, for the family, for the neighborhood, for the city and most of all, for Denise.” READ MORE