Heroin Crisis in Manchester

Amber’s Place: A bridge over troubled waters of addiction, for those seeking recovery

Monday, November 9, 2015 Carol Robidoux 1
“People are dying. Services are not expanding fast enough. This will be the bridge – and it’s very much what Amber did; she was out there helping those who couldn’t help themselves,” says Kriss Blevens. “Even though she couldn’t help herself, she put herself in immense danger to help others. That’s the theme of addiction.” READ MORE
Millyard Museum Musings

On Veterans Day: Finding ‘Little Square,’ the collection of bronze plaques and other tangible reminders of those who gave all

Monday, November 9, 2015 Carol Robidoux 0
They gave their lives for their country, so we in Manchester honor them with bronze plaques in squares that bear their names. But even as we approach Veterans Day – when the tablets erected in their memory are bedecked with flags – these monuments can be easily overlooked. If we aren’t careful, the men they honor may also be forgotten, and the fallen sons of our city might be lost in the mists of history.
Living in Balance

Breaking the cycle of pain and stress through self-care

Monday, November 9, 2015 Carol Robidoux 0
WelLiving In Balance logocome to Living in balance.

I am a Massage Therapist who loves to share her thoughts, opinions, and some facts to help keep you healthy in mind, body, and soul. I have lots of opinions and some knowledge. As my father would exclaim about teenagers (maybe even about me back in the day) I have just enough knowledge to make me dangerous. This blog will share some ways that I have found to be healthy and less stressed. READ MORE