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Disorderly man charged with assault after kicking police officer

Officer Pat Mullen arrived with the transport wagon. Following protocol, he conducted a search of Morin prior to placing him into the transport wagon and while doing so, Morin became hostile towards Officer Mullen. Morin was eventually secured and seat belted into the back of the wagon, but as the officer walked out of the wagon, Morin kicked him on the side of his leg and made derogatory statements toward Morin. READ MORE


West High School lockdown prompts review of district’s safety protocols

Debriefing after an emergency is routine practice so that everyone involved can evaluate current emergency plans and procedures to improve safety. Superintendent Dr. Debra Livingston will meet with school board members in a non-public session, in accordance with administrative rules*, to brief them on the results of the evaluation. Specifics on any changes to policy or procedure may be released publicly in order to protect the integrity of those emergency plans. READ MORE