2 months in and counting: Here are Manchester Ink Link’s top stories

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Two months in, here are some of our top stories on Manchester Ink Link.
Two months in, here are some of our top stories on Manchester Ink Link.

After two full months of posting news and information here at Manchester Ink Link, it seemed like a good time to pause and reflect on some of the most popular stories posted so far – and to talk about the future.

In the past two months I’ve brought you updates on the Market Basket boycott; Bronstein Park woes –  including the underlying problems of drug use and homelessness; crime updates; school and city government meeting highlights; police logs; weekly calendar of events; and coverage of some of the quirky things that make Manchester a great place to live and work.

This is just the beginning.

Carol Robidoux, Editor.
Carol Robidoux, Editor.

As editor and one-woman army, my goal is to get beyond the “breaking news” headlines and continue to beat the streets for more in-depth coverage and next-day stories.

What can you do to support my efforts?

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  • Speaking of which, I am a professional journalist with more than 20 years in the trenches (see more about me at robidouxinklink.com. My husband and I live and work here. My kids went to Central High School. This venture, to launch my own independent news site for all things Manchester, was made possible in part by a program called Pathway to Work, which is supported by the state Employment Security office. I would like this to be my new full-time job, which means I’d like to generate some revenue.
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Below is a list of stories from the past few months with 100 page view or more. Maybe you missed some of them because you’ve only recently found the site. I encourage you to click through these stories, or just scroll through our archives by category using the tabs across the top of the site.

‘Help me help Market Basket employee Linda Bates’68,514
Bronstein Park: ‘This is the shit we go through every day’8,741
Sobriety checkpoint Aug. 8 and 9 in Manchester4,300
Home page / Archives3,865
Sandler Sighting at Baked on Elm Street2,679
Brothers with alleged gang connections charged in Nashua shooting2,358
Sobriety Checkpoints June 20-21 in Manchester966
Fed-Ex delivers more pot during arrest for pot delivered by mailman770
Dyn: Sign of the (Tech) Times571
Sobriety checkpoints: Some states consider them unconstitutional564
Market Basket Employees: ‘We’re getting tired of the beeps’479
Company Offering Water Line Repair Not Endorsed by City478
‘It looks like zombies have taken over the park’458
Merger with SNHU would swallow NHIA whole414
Go Fourth and celebrate Independence Day (on July 5)369
Market Basket employees given Aug. 4 deadline; job fairs planned325
Aldermen question Mayor’s authority to shut down Bronstein Park289
Demoulas board blames Artie T. for ‘problems he helped create’288
Police link ‘Spice’ to at least 15 overdoses in 24 hours232
More questions than answers for those upset over NHIA/SNHU merger205
Tender Love & Cookies = Sweet Dream Come True195
3 stores shut down for selling ‘spice,’ causing public health emergency188
Sobriety checkpoints set for Aug. 22 and 23 in Manchester187
Woman shot by federal agent during warrant execution179
Police seek burglar who left ‘selfies’ behind178
50 Days – and Counting: Scenes from the Market Basket Protest171
City Man Faces 30 Counts of Child Porn Possession166
Market Basket Saga Rocks Us After Heads Roll166
Newsletter Sign-Up153
Deterring crime: Park people think they’re on candid cop cam148
‘Coffee with a Cop’ brings local police and community together134
Thinking Outside the (Utility) Box132
Crime-fighting crowd nabs panhandling purse snatcher121
Beanstalk Cafe Revival112
Police ID 2 suspects in July 31 Lowell Street shooting107
Sobriety checkpoint announced for Manchester Sept. 5 and 6105
Three charged after daytime burglary of abandoned home100
Karen Osborne Dube: Wife, mother, daughter of Ward 5 Alderman100

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