2 injured in crash on I-293 after car goes airborne, lands vertically against barrier wall

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Car lands upright against noise barrier on I-293 near Exit 4 in Saturday crash. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

MANCHESTER, NH – Two people escaped serious injury in a violent single-car crash Saturday.

A Lexus sedan was traveling South on I-293 at about 5:30 p.m. when it lost control, striking the Jersey barrier and exiting the right side of the roadway before becoming airborne. According to motorists who witnessed the accident, the Lexus went end over end and landed vertically against the wooden sound barrier.

Two males in the vehicle were found outside of the vehicle when first responders arrived. It was not immediately known if they were thrown from the vehicle or climbed out, said District Fire Chief Hank Martineau.

State police, fire and AMR personnel responded to the single-car crash Saturday on I-293. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

Both men were transported to the Elliot Hospital with head, neck and back injuries. According to District Chief Hank Martineau, the two men were lucky to be alive, and described their injuries as serious but non-life-threatening.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

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  • Azar Hadi

    Toyota/Lexus well known and documented for Sudden Unintended Acceleration.

    • disqus_Yu0XjlNweF

      Not in reality.

    • Francine Lawler

      Certainly are!!!!

  • Azar Hadi


    • disqus_Yu0XjlNweF

      Yep. You’re still a more-on.

  • Azar Hadi

    Why can’t I make comments??
    Are being paid by Toyota to stop me from making comments about its runaway out of control cars??

    • JQPublic

      Was this you? “Car ploughs into crowd in San Francisco – eight people injured”

    • Francine Lawler

      “Oh What a Feeling of a #COVERUP

      • Rick Chase

        “GM says it’s mass-producing cars without steering wheels”
        Will Toyota be far behind?

      • Rick Chase

        I’m surprised that you haven’t commented on Reddit. Or were you banned from there too?

  • Rick Chase

    Those guys were lucky. Here’s hoping for a full recovery. Since there are very few facts given in the story, it is useless to try to speculate on the cause of the accident. I’m sure the police will figure it out one they talk to the victims. The trouble is, it takes so long to find the cause, it won’t be published because the only ones that will care at that point will be the victims, their families and friends and the insurance companies involved.