Would-be robber shot in chest by woman, 65, after he followed her home

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MANCHESTER, NH — Manchester Police arrested a would-be robber who was shot Jan 4 outside an apartment building on South Porter Street. Police say Michael Bontaites was shot by his intended victim, a 65-year-old woman, who told Bontaites followed her home from a local gas station where she stopped briefly after work.

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Bontaites, 23, who has no fixed address, was shot in the chest by the woman, whose identity was not released by police. Bontaites sustained a single gunshot wound to the chest.

The 65-year-old woman who was Bontaites’ alleged intended victim, told police she had stopped at Mobil on the Run, 1050 South Willow St., around 11:30 p.m.  after leaving work. She got back on South Willow Street and stopped at a traffic light when she noticed a dark-colored sedan behind her. She told police she had “heightened concern” as the vehicle followed her into her apartment complex parking lot at 640 South Porter St.

The woman entered her apartment complex and noticed multiple vacant parking spots, so she parked as close to her building as possible hoping the other vehicle would vacate the area. Instead, the sedan parked close to her. She exited her vehicle and walked toward her apartment building. She immediately heard a vehicle door close and the sound of a person quickly walking up behind her. She turned and saw a white male with a dark hooded sweatshirt who quickly approached her from behind before running past her and blocking her path. Bontaites reached out and allegedly attempted to grab the woman who, at this point,  drew her hand gun from her pocket and shot Bontaites once in the chest at close range.

The woman, who is described as 4-foot-11 inches tall and 105 pounds, was in fear for her safety, police said, so she drew her concealed handgun and shot Bontaites in the upper chest.

The woman, who has a valid concealed carry gun permit, fired one round to stop the attack before seeking a safe zone inside of the building. Bontaites, who is 5-foot-11 and  200 pounds, fell to the ground as she ran into the secured building and contacted the Manchester Police Department through the emergency 911 phone line.

A female occupant  of the dark colored sedan picked up Bontaites off the ground and placed him in the car. As the 911 call was being dispatched to on-duty personnel, another Manchester Police Officer located and identified Bontaites as he entered the Elliot Hospital emergency department. Bontaites was treated for a gunshot wound to the chest.

Detectives charged Bontaites with Robbery, a felony, early Tuesday afternoon.

He was charged and arraigned at the Elliot Hospital at approximately 12:30 p.m. Bontaites bail was set at $5,000.00 cash/surety. He is scheduled to appear in the 9th Circuit Court-Manchester on January 14, 2016.

Detectives are actively investigating the incident to determine if the additional occupants of the sedan will face criminal charges. Therefore, no additional information will be provided at this time.

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  • Kathleen

    Good for that old woman ? she was able to protect herself because of our second amendment. Obama and Clinton are desperately trying to make people like this woman a victim by taking away her right to carry a gun . Think of this when you vote

    • rachel

      Nope. Not at all. Before you spew nonsense read what gun control actually is. This woman would be able to have a weapon because she has a legal right to own one. Its amazing how the uneducated continue to comment when they don’t even know what gun control is. You’re truly a moron.

      • Sho Rembo

        You have no clue. The anti’s want to disarm us, it’s just a bit difficult at this time. If they could disarm us without a fight, they would. If you don’t believe this you are the moron.

        • Bill Gone

          Absolutely correct. The gun grabbers want to ultimately DISARM American civilians, period. Many of them have admitted this fact. You can eat their BS line about the ‘death of a thousand cuts’ but if you allow reality to enter into the equation you will realize that if the leftists get their way, no old ladies will have access to concealed weapons and therefore will be walking targets. Wake up America. The left is happy to blame the gun, NOT the criminal, every time.

          • quillerm

            Correct! Leftist know that their ideology must succeed in suppression of free speech, thought, and control of the media. Once they have stripped us of our right to bear arms, the rest of our Rights will be easy to eliminate.

      • Karen Mohring

        You need to not only read the new executive action, and learn what gun control is, but also learn to treat others with respect. There are many facets to Obama’s gun control agenda that he didn’t talk about in his speech, for obvious reasons. Maybe you should do some research on the subject before calling others names.

      • Kenneth Rich

        Please inform me rachel what is exactly “Gun Control” ? This should be interesting.

      • James Burtnett

        NO DUMB ASS you’re the IGNORANT ONE! Please read the CONSTITUTION!

      • Patski762

        I’d say you’re the uninformed moron, Rachel. What Obama did thru Executive Order and what he WANTED to do are two completely different things. He’s on record saying that the Supreme Court erred badly by ruling the Second Amendment to be an individual right. He would impose an “Assault Weapon” ban and full registration if he could. Hillary came out publicly and strongly in favor of Australian-style nation-wide confiscations. TRUE gun control is only being kept at bay by groups like the NRA, the FOA and the NSSF.

      • ChrisVoltz

        And you don’t realize that we already have gun control. It just doesn’t work. There is no “gun show” loophole and you cannot have a gun shipped to your house over the internet unless you are dealing with a criminal and you are one too. Get a brain and then get it educated with facts and not libtard talking points.

      • Bill Richardson

        Anyone who believes the liberals want to stop after achieving some gun control is an idiot, especially since they already have a track record – When they are able to get new gun control laws in place that they say are the “answer” to gun crime, they ALWAYS move on to another, more restrictive law, in short order… It’s just a game to them… Step by step until they achieve their final goal… Obvious to everyone except idiots and those who share that agenda.

      • Bill Gone

        If you read history, every single time that the government gets total gun registration, what follows in gun confiscation – every single time. That leaves the government and the criminals as just about the only ones with self-defense options. Usually, that situation leads to mass murder by an out of control government. You can’t rationally argue with the objective facts.

      • Frank

        Talk about the uneducated,your it. moron

      • quillerm

        The government restrictions on gun ownership which exceed the intent of the 2nd Amendment, have been found to be unconstitutional in several court decisions. For example, New York democrat Governor Cuomo has made assault weapons illegal, which exceeds the intent of the 2nd Amendment. He used emergency legislation which bypassed all group or citizen input, objections, etc. Never trust a democrat.

        • Bill in Ocala

          The intent of the second amendment is for every American to be armed. “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The second amendment is the most unambiguous amendment of them all. The anti gun want you to believe it is only for those in the militia.

        • psufan69

          “Oh, but the founding fathers never envisioned “assault weapons.” How many times have we heard that from these Regressives?

          The truth of the matter is that they never envisioned the firepower that would become available to the military, both foreign and domestic. The minimum weapon you’d need would be a semi-automatic which puts you at a serious disadvantage against military firearms not to mention all their other weapons.

      • Navy Nuke

        Real Gun control is hitting the target. The lady showed perfect example of such.
        Democrats are trying though to make people on Social Security, be deemed unfit to manage their finances and as such mentally unfit to pass a NICS check.

    • Mary McClane

      “Old Woman” my backside! Sounds like a vibrant woman with excellent good sense!

    • Dennis K.

      Old Woman?….65 is the new 40….LOL

  • Mikaela

    When more people are armed crime goes down.

  • Denise Sarett Connolly

    She should have shot to kill. That POS most likey has previous victims. The woman who was in his car should have been arrested too.

    • Shane Atchison

      She shot him centermass….. I don’t know how much more ‘to kill’ you want from a DGU.

    • Don Dale

      Yep, the woman in the car was an occomplic (?spelling) she should also be charged. But, that’s our ‘joke us’ system, she won’t! Had he been alone the chest wound could have been deadly. The older woman shot and stopped the threat!

    • John Ten Eyck

      Shot to the chest, properly placed, IS a kill shot. Probably a small caliber weapon, or poorly placed shot. ( Understandable for a 65 yr old lady in a crisis situation )

  • James Burtnett

    $5000 bond that crazy! Just a few bucks to get out!

  • Dennis A


  • yoyoyo420

    $5,000 bail? That’s it?!?

    • Don Dale

      And he’ll probably get just a stern lecture from the judge!

    • quillerm

      He is just another Obama ‘dreamer’ looking for a easy mark to beat up and steal their social security check. Sanctuary cities are flooded with millions of Obama ‘dreamers’ enjoying their life of crime under the protection of simple minded liberals. San Francisco homocide rate up 55% and Rapes 320%, thanks to liberals and their Sanctuary cities, which violate Federal Law.

  • Jim Crisp

    I love a happy ending

  • Paul Otts

    Keep these stories coming!

  • Don Dale

    65yrs old, 4’11”, 105lbs. Shows what criminals want ”EZ Pickens”. That alright, he lived so in no time at all, IF he gets any time, he’ll be back on the streets looking for some more prey, until he tries an old lady with a bigger gun and excellent aim!

  • occupymovementajoke

    $5000 cash/surety are you kidding, remind me to never go to NH. He is just as likely to skip out of town before his hearing. Also, the news report should never have mentioned her apartment complex. How many 65 year old, 4-foot-11 inches tall and 105 pounds women are there in the complex, it basically identifies her.

  • RT

    Everyone in the car should be charged……they ALL new what was going on !

  • Mark

    The second amendment gives us the right to own a weapon, and is the reason that the US has a lower violent crime rate than virtually any country.

  • John Gold

    Well, at least it was a white guy for a change…

  • Bill Gone

    I’m VERY glad that woman had her pistol at hand. The thug got exactly what he had coming. That’s one less innocent victim.

  • realetybytes

    Three taps work better. #WakeUpAmerica

  • David L. Stinson

    Studies show that criminals are less likely to harm you when on the ground with bullets in them. Imagine that.

  • loveofcircus

    A good woman with a gun

  • Bill in Ocala

    She should have emptied the clip.

    • psufan69

      No, she did what was necessary to stop the attack. However had she done so, I wouldn’t have blamed her. Wait for the civil lawsuit.

  • Lock-n-Load Lisa

    Glad the punk got what he deserved. What a piece of human excrement to pick on a senior citizen, or anyone for that matter. But it’s particularly more disgusting to disrespect the elderly.

  • Dr Dave

    He is out on $5K bond seriously THAT is how we deal with violent would be felons. Atleast make the bond match the crime. The gal could have been dead if she didn’t have the gun and what about the other person in the car with him?

  • ihatelibs

    She needs a Bigger Gun . If it were Me ., there wouldn’t Be an Arrest . Hed be DEAD

  • Ccoop2

    I love happy endings.

  • otisrneedleman

    Hope the robber gets put away for a very long time.