New Year predictions: An astrologer, a spiritual guide and a psychic weigh in on 2016

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MANCHESTER, NH — The most exciting part of every New Year’s Eve is considering the possibilities for the coming New Year.

In the spirit of 2016 being yet unwritten — a tabula rasa, or blank slate — we’ve decided to do the only logical thing: Check in with three local soothsayers who’ve earned their individual reputations for assessing what otherwise seems like the unforeseeable future: Astrologer Dorothy Morgan, spiritual guide Angie D’Anjou, and psychic Raven Duclos, who weigh in on everything from astral trends and sports teams, to presidential outcomes.

Astrologer Dorothy Morgan: Jupiter in Virgo retrograde in 2016, a time to unpack and unclutter and prepare for what’s to come.
Dorothy Morgan with her grandson.
Dorothy Morgan with her grandson.

Dorothy Morgan has studied the stars for the coming year, and sees that a major influence in 2016 will be Jupiter in retrograde between January 8 through May 8.

“Jupiter is responsible energetically for things that expand, wherever it’s moving through the zodiac. It gives us everything we want, and more — in the same way that if we eat too much, we get big hips. What happens when it goes retrograde January 8 in the sign of Virgo is a reversal of that expansive process. That means for the first five months of 2016, we need to fine tune things in our lives, pull the energy in, pay off bills, take care of the mundane things,” says Morgan.

She cites one tangible example of the influence over us collectively as a result of Jupiter in Virgo — the trend in adult coloring books.

“Virgo is about fine-tuned motor skills, and Jupiter in Virgo is bringing this out in many of us at once, the urge to create and play, to free our minds through creativity, which relaxes our minds and allows us to problem solve,” Morgan says. “Our obsession with coloring books has been going on for at least six months, about the time Jupiter entered Virgo. It’s also attributed to Neptune square Saturn – Neptune is about the dream world and our beliefs. As we color between the lines, we allow our intuition, which comes from Neptune, to come through so we can move freely through whatever is yet to come.”

This is why astrologers believe there are patterns to human behavior that are hard to otherwise explain — we are organically influenced by the planetary vibrations.

“Virgo is all about organization and bringing things into sync with what our daily lives are about, so once every 12 years we have this energy of Jupiter in Virgo retrograde, and an opportunity to focus in,” Morgan says. “Jupiter has been in Virgo since July, but in retrograde, it slows us down so we can reflect on all the things that have been expanding for the previous six months.”

How that translates to us individually depends on who we are and what lens we’re looking through, says Morgan.

For example, when it comes to our presidential election process, it makes sense that the primary elections will be taking place during 2o16, and the inevitable process of cutting out the “extras” and narrowing the field.

“That’s typical, of course, in any primary process, but with Jupiter in Virgo retrograde, it will also mean the remaining candidates will be honing in on one or two things in this election and they will begin to pick one another apart,” she says.

In the bigger picture, Saturn in Sagittarius perpetuates consideration of religion and our belief system, important when it comes to the extremism we’re seeing around the world.

“In addition we have Neptune in Saturn, and Neptune is about beliefs, so we have a disagreement between foundation and structure of religion and what people believe in. This is what typically creates tension in the world whenever it happens, and this is what we have happening now. It creates a crisis of belief, so for an individual, you’d have to ask yourself that question: What do I believe in?,” says Morgan.

In that way, 2016 will be a time of great upheaval for humanity, and because of our differences, we need to fight through the differences to get to a more harmonious place.

“We are one world, but only electronically. In numerology, 2016 is a ‘nine’ year, and nine years are about endings. You will see a lot of things ending that don’t fit with the way the world is today. To me, this is a positive thing,” says Morgan. “Every single generation has thought things could never be as bad as they are now, but somehow we get through it. And here we are, despite how bad things have seemed in the past.”

As an astrologer, Morgan says she looks at humanity in terms of how we fit into the universe. Each person is born with a unique blueprint based on how the planets are aligned, which is what makes us unique, even those born under the same astrological sign are not exactly the same.

“Nothing is static in our solar system, or the universe.  Everything moves. The planets keep moving and we keep moving. What it comes down to is the patterns, the challenges,” says Morgan. “I believe in both destiny and free will. If we pay attention to the planetary influences that are out there, it allows us to take our lives into our own hands and use the planetary energies to the best of our ability.”

Jupiter goes forward in May, and exits Virgo on Sept. 10, at which time many who have spent the first part of the year unpacking and uncluttering their lives will move freely forward, toward more of a sense of balance.

“It’s just like hiking. If you carry too much stuff you won’t go too far. When you start removing things you can go forward. When Jupiter moves into Libra in September, we will collectively begin to focus on what is fair and honest and balanced — just in time for election season. And while I can’t tell you who will win, it will be an interesting process, I can tell you that,” says Morgan.

It’s important for people to take the time for introspection, and to trust their own intuition rather than looking outside themselves for “the answers.”

“I just brought up the example of Dorothy and the ruby slippers to someone the other day, that moment when you realize you had the power all the time,” says Morgan. “It’s OK to seek guidance and support from peers or mentors about what you should do or what path to follow, but it still comes down to what you feel is best for you by trusting your intuition, wisdom that comes from the process of uncluttering, reassessing and then trusting the universe.”

Dorothy Morgan with her grandson.

Dorothy Morgan  of Portsmouth is a Master Astrologer and Personal Consultant with more than 25 years experience consulting as well as teaching astrology.  She has published and is currently writing a variety of articles for several New Age retail shops, yoga centers and nationally published newsletters, as well as her own daily forecasts. She has also been on numerous television and radio shows including New Hampshire Public Radio. In addition, Morgan posts bi-weekly You Tube Astrology forecast videos as well as weekly forecasts for her subscribers/members, and offers free New Moon and Full Moon forecasts and monthly astrological reports found on the forecast page. You can find her at for more information about her on-line classes and private sessions.

Spiritual Consultant Angie D’Anjou: In numerology, 2016 is a “9” year, a time of completion.
Angie D'Anjou
Angie D’Anjou

“In that 9 energy we find a lot of completion, getting things resolved so that we can move on and open new doors,” says Angie D’Anjou. “So when we have that, it means we have new beginnings, I feel universally a lot of things will be resolved in 2016.”

A “9” year, in numerology, is derived from adding together 2+0+1+6.

On a world scale, that can also mean upheaval as we work through our differing ideologies to get to that place of completion, says D’Anjou.

“It’s kind of scary when you think about all the war, the theories on how we should handle terrorists — everybody has to be on board with the same ideals if we’re going to reach that completion. In fact, it’s hard to determine what’s going to occur by the end of the year, but it will be a difficult year. It all depends on how people decide to close old doors and create new ventures. It’s a completion year, which also means many people will feel they’ve had enough of everything —fed up, ready for a fresh start,” D’Anjou says.

And what better year to start with a presidential primary and end with the election of a new president, says D’Anjou, analyzing what a “9 year” means to the candidates currently leading in the polls.

“Starting with Hillary,  she has the opportunity to complete what she needs to complete, that gives her the opportunity to actually move forward fearlessly and get things done. Because she’s working with 9 energy personally, in a 9 universal year, it’s a good time to put everything together,” she says.

“Looking at Donald Trump, he is actually in a year where he can get things to move. Personally,  he’s a 2 energy, he has to fess up about some things, make amends, figure out what he needs to sign, as in contracts. I  feel like friendships will be important to him, who’s on his side, who’s with him, who’s not,” she says.

And then there’s Bernie Sanders, who’s going to have “a very good year,” she says.

“His energy is 8, that’s a very good year. It’s a time when you can l0ok forward, see what you have to do, and then you do it. Last year, he was already beginning that process, working with things like truth and integrity. That will continue for him. Expect a tight race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton,” she says.

As a 9 year, 2016 is primarily something to get through; that is the completion part, meaning 2017 returns us to a 1 year — a new beginning.

“Universally, 9 is a tricky time of patterns. When I hear the universal energy is 9 I would rather look into what is coming after, as in 2017.  This coming year will be a time to say we are waking up and will have to understand where and how we’re going to correct things for the coming year,” D’Anjou says. “This will be an intense year. People may find they are having a lot of emotional issues, they may look back at unhappy memories and try to resolve them. In the 9 year, the universe looks back and asks the question, ‘how do I achieve happiness?’ It can be very complicated.”

Despite being a year of cleansing, 2016  will be a good year for humanitarian efforts because resolution will arise out of the friction, says D’Anjou.

“Everyone gets more enthused about being a small part of fixing a big thing. People will start getting that feeling of using their voices and creating the future. It’s kind of funny — this all comes with change. This year opens up more people to the need for universal change and fulfillment,” she says

She has had a rising sense that millennials will begin to take center stage, speaking up for themselves, and their unique perspective will begin to shape our society in the coming year, which will also bring about some tumultuous changes within corporate America, and within the medical profession.

“In the next six months I sense there will be a big happening within the corporate world, and it will effect many people — sort of like the Wall Street situation we had in 2007, [another 9 year] or some other kind of revolt,” D’Anjou says. “Be prepared for a massive turn around. ”

In general, 2016 will be a good year to cultivate interests in music and the arts, says D’Anjou.

“The other thing about 9 energy is that people will need to have more gratitiude and look at pouring themselves into the interests of what’s going on around them, rather than focusing on ‘me, me, me.’ A very important thing in universal 9 year is paying attention to what surrounds you and how you manage it,” she says.

“Coming  back to gratitude, and the process of clearing out old things and preparing for the new, it’s like having an old pair of shoes that you are ready to get rid of. Remember that at one time they were what carried you through. Honor them for all that they’ve brought you through as you prepare to move on to the next journey. It won’t be an easy year for many of us, but if we focus on completion, with gratitude for where we’ve been, the next year will bring about goodness because of the cleaning out process we go through now.”

Angie D'Anjou

Angie D’Anjou is based in Hudson, and has been a Spiritual Consultant for more than 40 years. Her experience and connection with angels and spiritual guides provides positive guidance to individuals utilizing her intuitive abilities through tarot, angel guidance, numerology, tea leaf readings, and through her psychic medium abilities. You can find more through her website,  Angie D’Anjou Center for Awakening.

Raven Duclos
Raven Duclos

Psychic Raven Duclos: 2016 a time of healing for Manchester, and slow recovery from heroin crisis

“I see a lot of healing coming later in the year,” says Raven Duclos, of Manchester. “I do see things escalating in the Middle East. I don’t see things happening much more on our soil. But there’s going to be a lot of protests, a lot of protests from citizens, a lot of people reaching out and letting their thoughts be known, and the government needs to hear it. There’s too many power-hungry people there, and it’s time to change that,” Duclos says.

As for who will be the next Commander-in-Chief, Duclos sees a Republican in office, although she can’t say that it will be Donald Trump.

“But I feel like the Senate will be mostly Democrats, to balance it out. There is a lot of healing coming, and more power coming from the people themselves, speaking out, and more social and personal responsibility. People no longer sitting back and taking what is happening.  I think it’s going to be a good year for us as a country.”

On the local scene, healing of our city’s heroin crisis will continue to be a slow process.

“I see a more significant change on that in two years’ time, because of what everybody’s trying to do now. This is the year of beginning that process of change. Manchester is growing in positive ways, a lot of good people are going to make themselves known in Manchester — and New Hampshire, and not just for the heroin issue, but on other issues. I see a real climate of caring happening here, which is beautiful. People really giving a damn about other people, and  that will keep going into 2017,” Duclos says.

There will also be unexpected but positive happenings in our city.

“I’m not sure what I’m talking about, here, because I don’t keep up with politics, but I get that some key things are going to come to fruition this year, and people around the country will be looking to New Hampshire for prototypes, to see how we did things and made the changes we made — it may be not only with the heroin crisis, but also with medical marijuana. I see Manchester and Concord both playing roles in that on a national scale,” Duclos says.

“It’s going to be a year of abundance for a lot of people, and those people saying ‘I have enough and so I’m going to help someone else in need.’ It’s something that has been lacking for a while, but it’s already started. And it includes a couple of major events for our city toward the end of the year, big and wonderful announcements that will make a huge difference here,” she says.

Duclos says she sees another female in leadership in the governor’s office for the next term.  In world events, the climate of unrest will continue, and our fight against ISIS will get worse before it gets better.

“This will be a tough year. We may see two or more incidents on our soil, but not major, like they have been. I don’t feel ISIS will be stopped in this year,” Duclos says.

As for the actual climate, Duclos sees a milder winter ahead.

“We will have maybe three  significant major storms — an ice storm in mid-to late February, and the others will be significant snowfall events, one in late January. I’m not certain about the other one,” she says.

Although Duclos says she’s  not plugged into professional sports, there will be a mixed outcome for our New England teams — it won’t be a remarkable season for the Red Sox, “there’s too much ego there,” she says. “But the Pats will have a good shot, a real good shot.”

Raven Duclos

Raven Duclos of Manchester has a strong spiritual and mystical orientation, and her intuition is multi-faceted and complex. She has been a seeker of spiritual knowledge researching many paths and traditions. Since age 4 she has been aware of more than this realm of consciousness. Her seeking and experimentation only served to open her mind to the countless spirits that surround us. Her readings are given in a compassionate, loving way that enable her clients to receive the healing and closure and fore-knowledge that they need and deserve. You can learn more at

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