Popping Wheelies of Seeming Independence from Procrastination

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I’ve had some difficulty through the years with procrastination, splayed focus and clutter in my life, and I acknowledge this. A Methodist church I worked at during a good portion of the ’90s even gave me the opportunity to deliver a lay sermon I titled Put Off Procrastination. But acknowledging a problem and actually doing something about it has proven difficult. Continue Reading →

Kris Magnusson: From hamster-wheel of corporate stress to zen of personal health coach

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Many midlife reinventions happen due to corporate downsizing or losing passion for a career of many years. Kris Magnusson, founder of UnrefinedHealth.com, is a health coach who left a lucrative career for a very different motivation, as you will hear. Continue Reading →

Longtime activist says dialogue builds bridges between police and community

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“While I understand the principle of Black Lives Matters, I see that this is not a unified group. There’s no structure – it’s something like the Occupy movement. I don’t know who’s leading, or what it represents. Nobody has come forward and said ‘We stand for this and this and this, and these are the people running the show’,” Castillo says. Continue Reading →